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Considering Pet Cremation
How to Handle Grief
     Grief is our emotional response to loss. It can be an extremely intense and painful process affecting our ability to cope with normal everyday life. Each individual’s experience with grief is personal and unique but the feelings that sometimes surface at this time can often cause great fear and uncertainty.
     If you are in need of pre-planning for a sick or elderly pet friend, please call Honor Thy Pet. We can help by explaining your options.
     It is our sincerest wish to care for your family during this tough time. We are honored to be called to serve.
Facts about Pet Cremation
     Personal cremation services for pets provide emotional closure for families.
     Through the return of your pet, you and your family are presented with many comforting choices during
a difficult time. Pet cremations allow pet owners to cherish wonderful memories of their close friend with a memorial scattering of the ashes.
     We at Honor Thy Pet truly care about your family’s experience as we assist in a respectful and dignified service for your cherished friend. We are honored to serve you and your pet.
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